2 in 1 Fish Cleaner

  • $10.72

Product Description:

  • 2 Functions:This fish scaler is designed to clean the fish in 1 tool,including removing fish scales and opening fish belly ,no need other tools.
  • Fast Descaling and Safe: The stainless steel serrated blade design can remove fish scales very fast ,and it can prevent you from cutting your hand when using because of its non sharp design.
  • No Fish Scales Flying: The fish scales cellecting case with lid design cellects fish scales when you use,so no fish scales flying,keeping your kitchen clean and saving your housework time
  • Ergonomic Design :Comfortable to hold and use,gripping effortless,no skiding.You can hang it through the hole in the bottom when you do not use
  • A Rotatable Blade in the Handle Bottom:Stainless steel blade,dustless and durable.Sharp but safe because it can be hidded in the handle when you do not use

Package Include:

1 x 2-in-1 Fish Cleaner