20pcs Hand Threading tools

  • $59.99


--100% brand new and high quality.

--Manufactured from hardened and tempered high carbon steel.

--Plug Taps are Suitable for cleaning and Re-Threading Mild Steel and Aluminum Materials; This set is not supplied with any taper taps for threading new holes.

--Supplied with plastic storage case

--Suitable for cleaning mild steel or aluminum.

A set of 20 Pieces:

Total hand tap : 9 pieces

Total hand die : 9 pieces

Tap and Die Size:

M3 x 0.5

M4 x 0.7

M5 x 0.8

M6 x 1.0

M7 x 1.0

M8 x 1.25

M10 x 1.50

M12 x 1.75

1 x bar type tap wrench

1 x Die holder

Adjustable Tap Wrench 1/8"- 1/2"(3mm-12mm)

Packaged included:

1 set Pro Metric Tap and Die Wrench (20pcs)