• $19.95

This Cute Tassel Cat Purrse is timelessly elegant trough its simple but yet classy mono coloured look, featuring a wiggling tassel strap on the zipper, to add some extra sizzle and posh.

It is made of PU Leather and does purrfectly fit into your handbag and features multiple compartments where you can maintain a tidy order and separate your money, your driving license, your credit cards and all what belongs into a purrse and needs to be separated.

It features a cat print with nice artificial rhinestone accents around the cats bow-tie and the silhouette of the cat is garnished with nice stitching, to emphasize the cat shape even better. The cute imprint "If its a cute cat - i love cat" expresses how you generally adore cute cats and to be honest... they are all cute!

We just followed up on the phrase "Simplicity is the real sophistication" ... which does amazingly match this Purrses look.



Material: PU Leather
Size: 9.5 x 3 x 12cm
Item Weight:120g
Colors: Light Blue, Black, Light Pink, Grey, Dark Pink