Sand Free Beach

  • $29.95

 It's time to relax!

The SandFree ™ towel was designed with one goal in mind: allowing you to spend a magical summer without sand in the towel, never again! Thanks to its double-weave technology, enjoy your days at the beach or your outdoor picnics with friends and family.

It has been designed to maximize the comfort of all in places like the beach, where the grains of sand can be very unpleasant..., especially when you try to eat or drink; Or when you want to dry yourself or put on your slippers.

Easy to carry

You don't need to change your beach habits with the SandFree ™ towel! It's incredibly compact once folded. You can take it in a normal beach bag; It won't take up more space than your usual towel.

This way, the sand seeps directly through the towel and stays there.

Tough and durable

Designed to last, the SandFree ™ towel is made of fine, ultra-durable materials to withstand natural elements. Do you want to share your towel? Choose Model 200 x 200 cm

You have no more excuses for not relaxing!


Technical Features:

Materials: ultra-resistant synthetic fibers

Small model: 120 cm x 150 cm

Medium model: 150 cm x 200 cm

Large model: 200 cm x 200 cm

Weight: 400 g – 450 g

Colors: blue-Pink-Grey


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